How To Write A Vision For Your Success

Write Down Your Goal

The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that the overwhelming majority of successful people say to write down your goal and make it clearly defined. Successful people are crystal clear on their vision for their business and for their life. They make small improvements on the steps necessary to achieve those goals every day. If it was that easy, why don’t more people do that?

As Jim Rohn would say, “What is easy to do, is just as easy not to do.” Meaning, it can be really difficult to believe that something as simple as writing down your goals can make such a massive difference in your life. How could writing down your goals possibly make a difference?

The biggest thing that is stopping most people is complexity. They say you need a five-year plan, you need a business plan, you need more knowledge, more education, more planning. This is where most people get trapped and quit. Even getting started is so complex!

The truth is, successful people have been able to remove the complexity and focus on one single goal. Every body’s measurement of success is different. And that measurement of success has to be clear. What will guide you to that success is a clear vision for what you want your life to look like.

What do you want? Many people say that they want to a good job or they want to be successful or they just want to be happy. What is your definition of a good job? What is your definition of success? What would truly make you happy?

Writing down your goals removes that complexity. Ideas can be like marbles just rattling around in your head. They don’t do anyone any good. Once you write them down, the goal becomes much more real. You can refer back to it and ask have I succeeded or have I failed? Or maybe a better question to ask is what do I need to do to get closer to my goal?

Many people blurt out that they want a million dollars. That is a worthy financial and career goal. But what if you earned a million dollars a year and had to work at a job you hated for 80 hours a week and had absolutely no time to enjoy everything that your hard earned money could buy? There are many people who find themselves in this unenviable position. A life of regret and resentment.

Here are three easy steps to add clarity to your life and create a vision for success as defined by you.

  1. What do you like doing? Make a list. Maybe you love movies. Or maybe you like eating chocolate chip cookies. Maybe you love tasting beer. There are no wrong answers here. Try and make it as constructive as possible. Make the list without judgment. The bigger the list the better. And it is okay if you don’t have too many interests, to begin with. As you write down ideas, more will come to you.
  2. What are your strengths? What are you good at? Strengths can be easily described as activities that make you feel stronger. As opposed to weaknesses that make you feel weaker. What are activities that people come to you for help or advice? This is a time to brag and to shine! What you may find simple, easy, or otherwise take for granted, may be someone else’s biggest struggle. What you may feel is second nature to you, is a habit someone else would love to develop, yet doesn’t know where to start. Write them all down.
  3. What action can you take right now to get you closer to your goal? Goals are empowering. Ideas can be powerful. We are all much more powerful than we realize. Your vision without goals is merely a delusion. All of that potential means nothing unless it is backed with consistent action. Who can you learn from? Who has already successfully done this before?

You can create your vision today. It takes some time and it takes some searching. You may have to ask yourself some very tough questions. Some questions no one has ever really asked you. Some questions you may not be able to answer right away.

You can get clear on exactly what you want. What is important to you? Many people are so busy trying to fit in and be normal, they never stop to think what they really want. When am I happiest? Where do I feel like I am doing something really well? And by doing it well, I feel really good! These are the clues that you are closer to what makes you feel fulfilled.

And you can achieve your vision by taking action today that gets you one step closer to your dream. Chances are, someone has already traveled your path. Are you interested in photography but are mired in debt from a divorce? Do you want to lose weight, and work 60 hours a week on the road and never had an athletic bone in your body? Do you want that relationship with that person you see at the farmer’s market every weekend, but suffer from social anxiety? Chances are, someone has already done this before you. Someone already has the answer. The have written a book or a blog or created an audio series for you to follow so that you can find your own success and achieve similar results.

The first step is understanding what it is you want. Then, creating a goal around whatever it is you want to achieve. Then, ask someone for help. You would be surprised how many people actually want to help you succeed. How many people understand and know exactly what you are going through because they have been there before.

The first step is to write down your goal. Write out your vision for what you want your life to be. It will not happen overnight. A vision that you can go back and look at and reread and think about every day. This is a vision you can not help but to eventually achieve.

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