The Nightly Buildup- How to Silence the Inner Critic

Do you often beat your self up when you get off track? Feel like you aren’t doing enough? When you are feeling guilty about poor choices, do you making even better choices or worse?

Most people feel like they have to be hard on themselves to make progress. That if we feel guilty enough we are going to just turn things around. Does that happen to you?

Usually, we end up feeling even worse about ourselves and become self-defeated. Feeling like this most people don’t want to go to the gym let alone eat healthily. Besides you already messed up so you might as well snack some more. We often repeat this cycle never really making progress. This is why we get more of what we focus on.

I have several clients who have fallen into this trap. They kept focusing on all the crap that isn’t going well. One client, in particular, stopped focusing on the negatives and instead started focusing on what was going well. First, she focused on why she loved and appreciated herself. And then she noticed all accomplishments big or small toward the attainment of her goals. One week later she was at the lowest weight she has ever been with us and felt great.

Be your own biggest supporter, and you will lose weight faster. You will reach any goal faster as you choose to focus on where you are winning.
Check out this video I made for you guys to get the whole picture.

Here’s how to do it.

Before bed, stand in front of your mirror and

Take 2 minutes to acknowledge everything you love and appreciate about yourself

Take 2 Minutes to notice any big and small wins for the day. All of them!

Take 1 Minute to tell your inner self that you love and respect yourself. Let yourself fully feel this.

This may feel strange and silly at first and that’s completely normal. This is a powerful exercise that you should do for a minimum of 45 days. Once you start acknowledging your self, you will boost yourself to even greater achievements. Your negative self-talk will completely vanish. Make the commitment and your world will change.

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