How Often Should I Be Working Out?

I'm Brian Cade, the owner of CadeFit, where we empower people to move beyond their limits, both mind and body, so that they can create the life that they want. 

In today’s video, I want to cover the question “How often should I be working out?”  Whenever people start our programs, they ask us often, “What should I be doing? How often should I be coming into the studio and exercising?” Whenever people start out, my recommendation is to come as often as you can .Whether it's in the studio or not, you should be as active as possible seven days a week. There's a couple of reasons for this. 

“Let your community inspire you…”

The first reason is community. When you're a part of a community that is being active and moving towards goals, that's going to motivate you, connect you to your own goals, and give you some momentum moving forward. 

The challenge arises when you come one day and wait several days before you return. You get some of that hype and that energy moving forward initially, which feels great. But then, if you wait till Friday to come back because you came on Monday, it feels like you lost some of that momentum and energy that's getting you on track. 

So, being a part of that community on a regular basis and interacting with people who are all being active is going to help motivate you, inspire you, and help you make the changes you want even faster. 

“Create the habit of moving…by moving…”

The second reason to come into the studio as often as you can is that we're designed to move as people. If you want to build in the habit of being active, you want to get moving on a regular basis. You want to make it consistent where it's just something you do every day. So, how can YOU move on a regular basis in a variety of different ways?

In addition to that, research shows that people who have lost a significant amount of weight (50 pounds or more) and kept it off for years have some very specific habits. And one of the main habits that they have is that they move seven days a week for an hour.

Now, that time doesn't always have to be coming to the studio and working out. There are so many different ways to get up and MOVE, whether it's swimming, running, gardening, dancing, trampoline parks (which I’ve mentioned before is one of my FAVORITES). When you find ways that are fun to move, and you find things that you enjoy doing, do them often!

We love having our members come to the studio and get a variety of movements on a regular basis. Moving is amazing for your overall health! Your mind, your body, and your emotions all function best when you're moving. We are wired to move as a species, and it feels fantastic to move in a variety of ways AND have it be fun for you so you enjoy it.

"Anything you do on regular basis becomes a habit..."

So, how often should you be showing up?  Again, as often as you possibly can!  The more you're immersed in the environment with people who are moving/exercising regularly, the faster you're going to learn and build the habit. When you're learning how to squat three days a week, you're gonna get that much better at it. When you're crawling and doing the posture work, you're gonna learn it so much faster and your body is going  to adapt to it. Remember, anything you do on a regular basis becomes a habit! Make showing up a habit so you learn how to enjoy using your body and you're going to get results even faster!

"Sometimes less is more..."

A lot of times, when we first start working out,  we want to go a 1000 miles an hour. If the goal is to work out for the rest of your life, you’ve got all the time in the world (or at least as long as you got left) so don't be in a rush. When people think about working out six days a week, they think they have to work out as hard as they can or else it doesn't count. And actually, more often than not, people who push too hard too often keep themselves from getting the progress that they want. 

Why? Because one, you feel beat up, you're not as consistent, and your body needs to rest and recover.  Slow it down some days and you will find that sometimes less is more. Come in, for example, on Monday and do a challenging work out.Then come back Tuesday and go at HALF the pace you did Monday.  Just move, and it'll work out some of that soreness, and it's gonna get the blood flowing. It's going to help your body recover, and you're going to learn the movements fully even though it's easy for you.

And now it’s Wednesday and you’re feeling great, and you go hard again, you do a harder intensity and challenge yourself. Then maybe because Wednesday was hard, come Thursday and Friday, you're feeling sore and a bit beat up. So you  go easy on those days. You come in and move, use your body, learn the movements, adapt and allow your body to recover because you're moving regularly.  But make it easy on yourself! And when you're feeling amazing after Thursday and Friday because you took it easy and actively recovered, come back Saturday and challenge yourself again. 

Listening to your body is so important! Remember, some days are going to be harder and then other days are gonna be easier. But as you adapt to that ebb and flow, your overall volume intensity is going to be able to increase and you'll be able to do a lot more each day, then each week, then each month. But you have to have that time to take it easy. You’ve got the rest of your life to build in this habit and become the person you've set out to do when you set these goals.

That's my recommendation when you're starting out. Come as often as you can, move on a regular basis and find ways to make it fun, whether it's here at the studio or while engaging in activities that you do with the family. Enjoy the process. So I'm Brian Cade, thank you so much for watching. If you're not a part of the studio and you'd like a week to come and check it out, go to and you can get a free week to come hang out with us and experience the process with us. Thank you guys for watching and I'll talk to you next time!

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