4 Foods That Could Well Be Healthier Than You Think

Last week we discussed how white rice, peanut butter, potatoes, and eggs are actually healthier foods than is often reported. The issue with food is you can’t compare them side by side, your situation is as unique as the next apple.

Regardless, here are four more (including three liquids) that can actually be healthy for you.


Beer has been around for centuries, before we discovered how we can process food, turning what once goodness into a sugary dream.

Beer doesn’t have any fat, cholesterol or nitrates in it which, but what it does have lots of is carbs. Carbs aren’t always bad for you, but there is more to beer than cars with it also having high levels of magnesium, selenium, selenium and potassium to name a few minerals as well as antioxidants with ale’s having the most antioxidants. Therefore moderate beer intake (stick with the higher quality beers) can decrease heart disease and stroke chances. For those who ask, moderate equals one for a woman and two for men each day. And no, you can’t save them all for the weekend).


There seems to be a movement for many to cut coffee out of your diet, but if your budget is okay with your addiction, three cups of coffee a day (moderate consumption) can have health benefits with minimal if any health risks. Coffee is a great source of flavonoids which assist with heart health and prevent aging by protecting the cells that promote aging. Add in a possibly reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimers, and Parkinsons and you can drink your high-quality organic quality without feeling guilty. But, skip the sugar.

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen veggies have been dubbed as the lazy mans ‘healthy’ dinner. A way to say you eat vegetables, but you don’t mention to your friends they were frozen as that makes them less healthy. Turns out, frozen vegetables are picked in their best season usually which locks in as many nutrients as possible whereas fresh vegetables lose their nutrients day by day. In theory, frozen vegetables may well be healthier than fresh. Frozen vegetables also benefit from no added sodium or preservatives so while you should eat fresh vegetables, don’t feel bad about the frozen ones!

Fruit juice has been suffering a lot lately as more talk about the amount of both natural and added sugars can be found in them. That’s true, there is a lot. Cranberry juice, however, has some unique benefits such as prevents recurrent UTI’s (ouch) due to PAC’s that are unique flavonoids inhibited E.Coli affecting urinary tract cells.

Avocado Oil

Vegetable oils get a bad wrap, but avocado oil (which isn’t technically a vegetable) is pretty good for you. Avocados are full over 70% fat, and that transfers into the oil as it’s from the pulp, not the seed and with a smoke point of 400°F is malleable. Studies indicate avocado oil can help your cardiovascular health, eye health and assist with weight loss as the high fat keeps you satiated. Avocados are promoted as a healthy for you, and now avocado oil is getting the same appreciation.

There we go, liquids get confused just as much as solids. While drinking all of these in excess won’t do you any good, they can definitely be incorporated into a healthy diet on a daily basis.

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