Mythbusters: 3 Foods That Are Actually Healthy

Ah food and dieting. We can’t get away from the topic. Like everyone who thinks they’re a perfect driver, the same goes with dieting. Everyone thinks they’re an expert. In reality, we are still learning about food and how it reacts to us consuming it everyday.

When a mainstream publication creates  a click baity headline, the masses will take the headline as gospel when in reality there are so many factors at play to determine if a food is really healthy or really not.

Here are three foods that get bad publicity, but are sneaky good for you.

White Rice (yeap, we said white, not brown)

When you think of the Japanese do you tend to think of healthy people (besides sumo wrestlers)? They are one of the healthiest nations and consume a lot of white rice. White rice does have a high glycemic index eaten on its own, but who does that. What it can do is trigger the need for other healthy foods like lean meat and veg to create a balanced meal.

White rice is indeed more processed than brown rice but gets it’s nutrients back that were lost during processing via fortifaction making it more nutritious than brown rice in this way.

Eggs (yolks and all)

OMG Cholesterol! Eggs are high in cholesterol that gave them a bad wrap to contributing too poor health. Recent studies show that it was the saturated fat rather than the dietary cholesterol that triggered a decrease in bad heart health.

Their association with fatty sausages and bacon didn’t help their reputation either. A high protein egg breakfast however according to a study controlled appetites better than carb heavy breakfasts. Yup, that means cereal doesn’t keep you full for long. Eat the whole egg, the yolk alone had three grams of protein and is packed with nutrients.

Peanut Butter (el natural of course)

Before we get started, always check the labels of peanut butter before you buy it. You may be surprised what ingredients other than peanuts companies will stick in their. The words trans fats, high fructose corn syrup are two no goes.

Peanut butter is indeed, high in fat. It’s healthy fat however in the form of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils making it a high protein food with lots of nutrients your body will love.


Did you know it’s believed that you could live off purely potatoes if need be? The only food in the world that could do that for you. They have a tonne of nutrients when you keep the skin on which are just under the skin. When you peel potatoes, that’s when you hear people talking badly about spuds. To keep most of these nutrients, baking and roasting are the best methods as boiling removes the nutrients into the water.

Navigating the world of food and dieting isn’t easy and we probably haven’t helped you with our above information. Don’t get trapped into the rabbit hole of bad information on the internet. Find a few trusted sources and follow them if you want the latest information. Otherwise, we will be back in two weeks with more myth busting healthy foods that aren’t actually bad.

*Featured image by wstryder via Flickr

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