10 Activities You Can Use For Your Epic Morning Routine

Morning routines are a trend right now, but quite possible a trend here to stay and why not?

We can all relate to being sluggish in the morning. That’s one reason why the idea of morning routines took off with many people noticing they live a much healthier lifestyle when implemented.

Everyone’s morning routine is going to differ, here are a bunch of ideas you might want to incorporate into yours.

Meditation: Also another trend going hot around the world. Meditation has been shown to provide a lot of benefits and is easy to do if you aren’t a hard marker. You can meditate for as little or long as you like with a 5 – 20 minute period proving popular at the moment.

Take Daily Vitamins: This takes a second and becomes something you instantly put on autopilot. There are dozens of vitamins you can take, but a good multivitamin will provide a stronger immune system, better awareness, stronger bones and prevent deficiencies in certain vitamins.

Review Your Goals: Big or small, we all want to accomplish stuff. Reviewing goals will help you create a plan, put your day in perspective and keeps your focus on what’s important.

Yoga: Yoga and meditation in the morning? Well, it’s up to you remember. Yoga has plenty of benefits like meditation but is a lot more active.

Favorite Playlist: Music can definitely affect our mood, so create a few playlists that you can put on right away to get towards the mood you’d like to be in for the rest of the day.

Podcasts: There are thousands of podcasts online with an abundance of topics. If you don’t read as much as you like, consider throwing on a podcast while you get your morning started.

Drink Water: Staying hydrated throughout the day isn’t as easy as it should be. Get into the rhythm of drinking a stack of water first thing and you’ll have a good headstart on the rest of your day. If you don’t ‘like’ water, add some lemon and lime.

Planning The Day: There’s a school of thought that says you should right down your to-do list the night before, but this is your morning routine. You may want to highlight all the things you want to accomplish in the day and highlight the most important things.

Jam Session! Who doesn’t like to have a jump around to their favorite tune of the week? Put it on loud, make sure no one can see you (or if you don’t care, feel free) and just jam like no one is watching.

Gratitude: It’s easy to go through the day and think life isn’t easy. Write down three things you thnk of right away and why you’re grateful for them. This could be as simple as your shoes or the paper you’re writing on.

Creating a morning routine takes a bit of work to start with. Figuring out what to incorporate and then implementing it. With a bit of self-discipline, who knows, you may be excited to get up in the morning.

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