8 On The Go Eating Strategies

Eating, ugh. There’s usually two types of eaters. Those who love food and eat everything there taste buds desire with little self control. Or those who would like to eat well, but find it tricky to do so on the go while juggling everything else in life.

With the trend to living busier lifestyles, learning how to eat well on the go is crucial to your long term health. These eight strategies will get you started.

  1. Watch Your Portion Sizes: Don’t go with the large or extra large options. Sure, it may seem like a good deal at only 50 cents extra but you will survive.
  1. Replace Traditional Sides With Healthy Options: Takeaway shops are hard to avoid sometimes when you’re short on time. Rather than go with the fries, choose the salad which most have as an option.
  1. Avoid The Fried Option: The fried chicken may look good but choose the grilled option instead. It’s much healthier and not so messy as a bonus.
  1. Create Habits As You Leave To Go Outside And Fruit It: Eating on the go is about creating good habits. Start off the day by grabbing a piece of fruit as you leave the house to eat in the car.
  1. Have Healthy Non Perishables In The Car And Water: Luckily for us, water doesn’t go mouldy and many snacks aren’t perishable. Once a week, load your car up with perishable snacks (that are healthy) and five litres of water. With constant access to these every time you get into your car, you won’t sneak into the dairy before heading off.
  1. Avoid Self Serve Salads: The temptation of a fresh salad buffet is tempting. It all looks so nice and healthy! What isn’t always known is just how long the salads have been sitting out for and what hands have been where beforehand. Don’t risk getting sick from the dirty salad and avoid it.
  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Stray From The Menu: When you dine with friends, your first scroll through the menu might not leave you with many healthy options. Thankfully with so many alternative diets, restaurant staff and chefs are used to making substitute items (exclude the sauce).
  1. Supplement Life: Supplements aren’t necessarily a bad thing and even if you eat really well you can still benefit from supplements. Take a couple hours and look into the common supplements and start experimenting. Try one supplement for two weeks, note any changes then try something else. You may not notice any difference but

Snacks you can take from home to eat on the go during the day:

  • Small bag of cashews, walnuts, pecans etc.
  • Bag of carrots and cucumbers
  • Hummus. You could dip your carrots and cucumbers in there.
  • A can of tuna or salmon (plain)
  • Container of chickpeas. Add a dash of lemon or olive oil

Eating healthy on the go doesn’t take too much extra effort. It’s all about making sensible decisions nd creating good habits, especially around friends. These eight tips are likely too much to add in all at once, focus on two and then introduce more and the others become habits.

Image by Arya Ziai via Flickr

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