The 8 Elements of Simple Weight Loss

It’s hard knowing where to turn, and who we should listen to when trying to lose weight. There is so much information, diets, and workout plans.  I know, because when I started I tried most of them.

I tried crash dieting, cardio only, weight lifting, fasting, High protein, High Carb, and all kinds of different things. After years of trial and error, an exercise science degree, and hundreds of clients, I dialed in the 8 key elements of simple weight loss.

Use this 8 points as a check list starting at the top. Usually the first 4 is all most people need. If you get stuck check out the next 8.

  1. Food Journal and Tracking- You bite it, you write it!
  2. Protein .65-.85 g per lb of body weight. Women 100g minimum (weight loss)
  3. Fiber 25-30 grams for women, 35-40 grams for men from real (80% from real food
  4. Weight Training
  5. Water- ½ your body weight in fluid oz
  6. Stress Management- Sleep, Breathing drills, Morning exercise
  7. Carbs less than 100g- Ketogenic Diet Designed for balancing  insulin levels
  8. Cardio

In future posts, I will probably dive deeper.

Until then, feel free to reach out ask questions, or leave a comment and let me know how I can help more.

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