5 Key Elements to Healthy Shoulders

Do you struggle with “bad shoulders”? Feel like things were okay until you started exercising or starting a new activity? Have done tons of different physical therapy exercises and all of your rotator cuff exercises?

This video is going to go deeper into the ideas, this blog post is just a rough out line and key ideas.

It’s frustrating. I had a shoulder that didn’t feel right when lifting for the longest times. It was so frustrating because I had been studying corrective exercise for a long time. I was doing external rotation drills, cross body patterns and pnf patterns to reset, and doing all of the lower trap, mid trap and serratus muscles. NONE OF IT HELPED.

As i have learned and grown, I realized there is a lot more to the shoulders than meets the eye. The following are 5 key elements to keeping your shoulders healthy.

  1. It’s not a specific activity that hurts your shoulders. It’s the lack of complete movement.
  2. Breathing plays a major role in shoulder function
  3. Hips and spine
  4. Start with good scapula function before worry about the rotator cuff
    1. What is the shoulder complex? Glenohumeral Joint, Scapulothoracic joint, sternoclavicular joint,  acromioclavicular joint
    2. Train the shoulders to posteriorly tilt with the help of the lower traps, and the serratus anterior.
  5. Train the body as a unit and not in isolation

If you follow these 5 main ideas you will be on the road to healthy shoulder function allowing you train safely, and train harder getting you the results you want. 

Hope these ideas help.

Leave a comment and let me know what you thing.

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