3 Quick Strategies to Start Your Weight Loss

This weekend was fantastic and much needed. I binge watched most of Iron Fist on Netflix in between catching up on some work stuff and Qi Gong practices on YouTube. And went dancing and hung out with some amazing friends.

For me, it was a great mix of connecting, productivity, and just enjoying tv (normally I limit to an hour a day or less).

On Sunday I reflected a bit on what’s getting the best results for weight loss. Good news is they are really simple.

Step 1: Track Your Calories

Those who come in and start tracking their food right off the  bat lose the most weight on our program. We have had several lose 3-6 lbs last week. If you don’t know what you are eating, it’s very easy to consume to many calories. Even when eating healthy.

Step 2: Eat 100 grams of protein for women and 150 plus for men

Most women say they are getting enough protein, and when they track (go back to step 1) they realize they are around 25-50 grams. This 100 gram mark seems to do wonders for many women.

I had 2 women last week actually increase calories and protein and both lost over 2 lbs this week. They are shocked that they are eating more and losing weight.

Step 3: Stop Dieting and Practice the Basics of healthy eating.

Eat a ton of veggies.

(So I am a very boring cook, mainly because cooking healthy wasn’t a thing for my family growing up. This weekend an awesome friend of mine showed me how to cook simple vegetables in the oven and it was one of the best meals I have had in a while.)

* Eat nutrient dense foods.

* Have lots of protein and reduce starchy carb intake.

* Don’t binge on junk food.

* Drink lots of water. Not Vitamin Water, real water.

If you struggle with junk food, there is probably a need in your life not being met that turning to high sugar/fat foods meets in the moment.

Ask your self what that is, and find alternative options to meet them with.

What need’s are you meeting with food in your life? What are other ways you could meet those needs?

To your growth,

Brian Cade

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